Chromium Internals

Insight into design and implemetation of chrome o/s

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This blog post is intended for those who are eager to know about Chromium o/s internals...
In this blog post and further posts, i will discuss the internals of Google chromium o/s.

Here i talk about all internal details of open-source operating system chromium o/s.How Google chrome o/s going to change the way of computing and communication.Before we dig internals, first to give an overview, I suggest all my readers to go through the following links,

Understanding the above design documents is the first step towards the long journey...

I expect all of my readers to get an idea about the design before we discuss implementation

Hope all of you enjoy the journey with me, see you again my next blog post.

Next blog post discuss about,

Chromium's multi-process architecture- theory behind the design and step by step code walk through...

Bye for now!